Onion Pack For Healthy Hair

Hair fall is a cause of concern to many of us. Hair thinning is natural, as all the hair follicles in our body have a growth cycle. The problem starts when there is premature hair fall. A lot of people in recent times experience baldness as early as in their late 20’s and early 30’s. according to Ayurveda, the best natural remedy for growing back lost hair is onions. It can also treat other hair problems. The reason only onions are touted to be the best food for hair is because of its rich Sulfur content. Onions are also antibiotic, destroying the bacteria and fungus that act as the barrier for new hair growth. Onions are also said to make hair stronger, making it more resilient to damage and hair fall. Onions already used extensively in Indian cooking. To use it externally for hair-related issue, its juice can be extracted and applied onto the hair. Onions can be cut into quarters and blended without water. Then, the mixture should be strained and the extracted juice should be applied.

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