If you dream of an Umbrella…

Dreaming of an umbrella indicates defensiveness, telling you to protect your emotions. If u have an umbrella in your dream… this foretells financial benefits ahead. Dreaming of an umbrella protecting you from the rains states that you are soon going to enjoy success. Dreaming of silk umbrella indicates honor. If u dream of parasol umbrella… you will have a love affair. Dreaming of repairing umbrella indicates that you are going to manage your life to overcome difficulties. 

           An open umbrella in dream tells you to ask help when you need. Closed umbrella suggests that you should not worry… your wishes will come true. Lost umbrella means abandonment. Lots of umbrellas in your dream tell you to protect yourself from envious people. If u lose your umbrella in dream… it indicates that you will have a problem at work. A broken umbrella in dream foretells a danger ahead. 

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