Quick cleaning with Tomato Ketchup

Tomatoes are naturally acidic in nature. When in the form of a ketchup, it is even more acidic because of the presence of vinegar. This gets the cleaning job done. Know some of the methods to use tomato ketchup in your home

* breaks down the dirt when poured on brass and given the proper time. Small objects can be dropped into a bowl of ketchup, wipe with a soft cloth, and rinse thoroughly.

* Burnt food night ruin your utensils. To get rid of… pour tomato ketchup into the vessel. Put the burner on simmer for several minutes leave the ketchup in the pan overnight without cooking. Acetic acid will remove all the carbon.

* You can use ketchup to clean the tarnish from can parts. In a similar vein to cleaning sliver and copper.

* ketchup is great for adding sheen to car metal. So clean the car with ketchup to add shine.

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