How to face interview confidently…

* Do some homework. Find out about the company’s vision, goal, strategy, products, departments, competitors, work culture etc. Make sure you know as much about it as you can, so that you can impress your interviewers.

* You should be familiar with whatever is mentioned in the CV. Read it thoroughly.

* Come up with answers to common resume questions. Pick strength or strengths that illustrate your capabilities. 

* Be prepared to talk about your weaknesses and how you are trying to overcome them.

* Point out several things you like about the company and be as detailed as possible. And also make it clear why you think you would be able to contribute to their team.

* The way you dress makes a statement about yourself. Avoid bright colors and loud jewellery. Wear a clean suit. You have to start off by dressing professionally to make a good impression in front of formally-dressed interviewers.

* Be prepared to summarize your previous work experiences, and to explain how they contributed to skills and knowledge that applies to the job you’re trying get. 

* Tell the truth. If you made a mistake, accept responsibility for it, and explain how you have benefited from the experience & what you have learnt. Do not pretend to be something that you are not, it will not work!

               And finally don’t ask about the perks of the job before you’ve been given an offer. Don’t talk about how you’ve applied to a million jobs without being asked for an interview. Make it look like you really want this specific position. Don’t say something that shows how little you know about the company or how little research you’ve done. Make sure your potential employers see that you really care about the company. Don’t bad mouth your current job or employer.

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