Device That Counts Calories

Love for keeping yourself healthy and fit may lead you to keep a check on the food that gets into your mouth. Smartphones have apps with calorie and nutritional calculators. But we don’t know they are accurate or not. A company has developed CaloRieco device that analyzes the food and gives a detailed and accurate calorie information within seconds. If you are diabetic or suffering from another illness that requires proper diet, you need to have an accurate measure of the food’s contents that you are consuming. Calorie calculator can give you a general idea of how much calories a Pizza are a sandwich has. But it can not tell you the exact number of calories at the restaurant or the fast food joint that you often like to eat at. The Panasonic CaloRieco is different as it gives you the precise information about you food. Open the door and put the plate inside. The fat, protein and calories content is displayed on the screen in seconds.

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