Dress Out of 6,000 Plant Leaves

Students at the University of Hefei in eastern China, recently designed a stunning dress using only plant leaves. The team behind the unique dress.. two girls and two boys got the idea for it over six months ago, while trying to come up with an interesting project for the annual ‘Animal and Plant Specimen Contest at the University of Hefei. During that time, the girls couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous the dress worn by Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing at the Cannes Festival looked. Then one of them suggested to recreate it out of plant leaves. They ran the idea by their teacher, and even though he considered it to difficult to pull of, they went with it. The four science and biotechnology students could only work on their special dress after classes and on weekends. So it took them nearly four months to complete. But it all paid off when one of the girls got to finally put on the leaf dress and show it off to everyone. 

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