Spent 3 Years on coconut Tree

Gilbert… a 47 year old man from the Philippines, had left his home to live on a 60 foot tall coconut tree near his house. He had never come down since, and would have probably stayed atop the tree. He was so afraid that someone would come to kill him. He felt that the only way to stay alive was to climb the tallest tree and stay there. That’s exactly what he did over the next three years, surviving only on the food and water his mother brought him every day, which he would pull up with a rope. He would relieve himself from the top of the tree, and not even storms, heat or the insects could get him to come down. On October 11th, a team of fifty people along with Gilbert’s family tried convincing him. But he denied. Then they started cutting down the coconut tree with a chainsaw. In the end… Gilbert was once again on solid ground, after three long years.

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