Students write with both hands

A small school in rural India is gaining attention over the fact that all 300 students are ambidextrous. Data shows that only one percent of the global population is ambidextrous, but the ambitious founder of Veena Vandini School, in Madhya Pradesh is aiming to change that starting at a local level.

        Former soldier and Veena Vandini School founder VP Sharma stated that he was inspired to focus on ambidexterity training by India‚Äôs first president Rajendra Prasad. Every 45-minute class at Veena Vandini includes 15-minutes devoted to handwriting practice, ensuring that every student develops the ability to write with both hands. VP Sharma also believes that the skill better enables students to learn multiple languages, and has them practice writing the same words in different languages at the same time. An American study revealed that ambidextrous children performed worse than left- or right handers on a range of skills, especially in math, memory and logical reasoning. A Study in Northern Finland indicated that children who are ambidextrous are much likelier to developmental health issues, including ADHD, language problems, and academic problems.

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