World’s Most Expensive shoes

British Designer Debbie Wingham is known for her over the top commissioned creations. She has worked for many celebrities, royals, and wealthy elite over the course of her career. She is known for crafting the world’s most expensive dress, a Red Diamond gown, which was encrusted with over 2000 diamonds, including the world’s most expensive red diamond, and priced 15.45 million dollars. Now she has designed the world’s most expensive pair of shoes. These heels are encrusted with precious metals and rare stones and feature a whopping 15.1 million dollars price tag. Wingham also owns a baking company, Couture to cakes. She previously created 64 million dollars cake for a United Arab Emirates client. Wingham has stated that the shoes are the final piece in her ‘most expensive collection’. Alongside her couture bakery, she also runs the successful Future of Fashion academy for young designers.

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