Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose, Ajay, Jennifer, Suhasini, Posani, Muralimohan etc.

Producers: SN Reddy, Lakshmikanth

Music: Siva R Nandigam

Screenplay: Gopimohan

Written & Directed by: Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Rating: 2/5


Manchu Manoj proved his versatile taste with his kind of movies. But he is struggling to get a hit for a long time. His new film Okkadu Migiladu released in theatrres today. Let’s see how it works…


Surya is one of the refugees who had come from Srilanka. While he is pursuing his post graduation in university he fights for the justice for three innocent girls who lose rheir lives. Surya and his friends are arrested and tortured in a violent way. Finally cops decided to keep an end to Surya. Then a constable helps him as he know his story. What is the story?  How Surya come out of trouble? 


Story of Okkadu Migiladu is all about the fight of Srilankan Tamilians and their struggle of survival from the armies. Movie might be a good experience if the screenplay is well written. First half covers he interrogation and second half covers the boat journey. The unique attempt of director Ajay is appreciable. But lack of touching scenes and strong screen play is the major draw back. And there is a bit of overdose in action and emotions. The excess of violence did not impress the audiences.

Performances & Technicalities

Manoj played two roles. In both the roles he delivered powerful performance. Manoj’s hard work for the role of Peter is visibly seen on the screen. Anisha Abrose has a very limited role. Other characters are adequate. Ajay Andrews essayed the crucial charactor of Victor scores points with his matured performance.

          Music by Siva is good enough. But he could have done a lot better work for background score. Camera work by Ramaraju is okay. Editing could have been much better.

Bottom line

        This is a very good attempt. But failed to present the subject in a gripping manner. Okkadu Migiladu is only for those people who loves too much of violence and sentiment.


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