Curse of Samantha Houston

The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas has several ghosts stories attached to it, from suicidal brides to the original owner Colonel Jesse Driskell haunting guests. One of the most well known stories is of Samantha Houston, the four year old daughter of a U.S. Senator. During her stay at the hotel, Samantha was playing and dropped her ball down the grand staircase of the hotel. Running down the stairs to catch it, Samantha tripped and fell to her death.  It is believed that Samantha has attached herself to the painting Love Letters which hangs in the hotel. After her death, it is said to be the painting haunted by Samantha’s spirit. It is believed that Some odd occurrences that happen around it. Staff and guests regularly report that the paining makes them feel dizzy and nauseous, while others have experienced a sensation of being lifted into the air while standing in front of at. Some even claim that the painting is trying to communicate with them, believing that if you stand in front of it for long enough the little girl’s expression will change. People believe they can hear her childish giggles and Sightings of a little girl playing with the ball have been seen throughout the hotel.


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