What happened to Elisa ???

Elisa Lam, the 21-year-old daughter of Hong Kong immigrants living in Vancouver and a student of the University of British Columbia, set out on journey to Southern California. She constantly kept in touch with her family, till she reached Los Angeles on February 19, 2013 and checked into an infamous hotel named The Cecil. The hotel has a dark past with several serial killers having rented rooms there, numerous guests having been murdered in the premises, and many having committed suicide in their rooms. Soon after arriving at The Cecil, Lam disappeared, and it was only when maintenance workers addressed guest complaints above the water, that her body was found in the tank on the terrace. She was reported to have committed suicide due to the lack of incriminating evidence against a third party. The CCTV footage in the elevator of the hotel shows Elisa repeatedly entering and exiting the compartment… talking, gesturing and hiding from an unknown person. It gets weirder when you realize that only when she is inside, the elevator stops functioning (you can see the video in YouTube).

            The video remained a prominent source of confusion and discussion even after Elisa’s body was found. Was her behavior a result of a manic phase of her bipolar disorder? Was someone else involved in her death? Some say Lam was being tormented by an evil spirit in the elevator, while other say she was actually possessed by a spirit that forced her to commit suicide. Is it true? These are the questions that we will likely never know the answers, and Elisa Lam’s bizarre death will remain mysterious and unresolved forever.

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