Genius ways to reuse tea bags

After using, we generally throw away the tea bags. But the used tea bags have enough potential to be reused in many productive ways. We list out some genius ways to reuse this small pack of a great antioxidant.

* Boil the used tea bags and used the brewed water for watering your plants. It will protect the plants from any kind of fungal infection. You can also open the tea bag and mix the level with the top soil. it will fertilize the upper layer of the soil.

* Keep your shoes odor-free by inserting dry used tea bags into the shoe. The tea bag soak up the bad odor.

* One of the trickiest things to clean at home are the glass windows or doors. All you have to do is to re-drew the tea bags and use the water to clean the glass. Use a lint-free cloth to get perfect results!

* If you are the victim of insects, place a tea bag on your bite. This will prevent swelling and help to heal the bite faster.

* Dampen the used tea bags in warm water. Open the tea bag and spread the damp leaves on the rug. Leave it till the leaves dry up and vacuum. You can choose a flavored tea like lemon or mint to leave behind a nice scent!

* Tea has properties that easily remove the dead skin and the antioxidants help in skin rejuvenation. It is the best care you can give to your feet after a long day in heels. It will relax the muscles and heal the pain or swelling.

* make a weak brew to condition your hair. The brilliant sheen will surely make the heads turn!

* To remove dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, apply two cold tea bags to your eyes for few minutes. This will re-hydrate your skin while unclogging pores and reducing the appearance of blood vessels.

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